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Donor Recognition

Donor Recognition


We would to Thank you for your kind Donation.

We rely on generous donors like you to continue our vital work. With your help we will continue to grow, adding more classes and programs, as well as reaching a broader community.

-Please scroll down to view a list of all donations donated this past month.

  We would especially like to thank our Pillars, Supporting Members and Donors for your constant support! THANK YOU!

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We would like to Thank:

Laurie Schwartz,

Martin Goldman,

Haddasah George,

Sara & Levi Loebenstien,

Alfred & Eti Bouskila,

Jon & Lucy Berk-Fisher,

Barbra Eisenberg,

Gisela Halbasch,

Mira Unger,

Nora Brown, 

Chanie Goldshmid, 

Rabbi & Chaya Berkowitz, 

Mendy & Malkie Telsner, 

Naftoli & Chavie Goldshmid,

Bubby & Zaidy Goldshmid, 

Sylvia Garrett,

Paul & Geraldine Bayer,


Art & Nancy Solomon,

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