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Alfred and Etty Bouskila

Darrell Gabbert

Mira Unger

Levi and Sara Loebenstein

Joanne Mailman

Arthur and Mrs. Nancy Solomon

Marilyn Enock

Itche and Mathy Goldshmid

Laible and Gitty Blotner

Ruth Schorr

Dovid and Miriam Losh

Nochi and Miriam Goldshmid

Levi and Esty Chanowitz

Yossi and Mindy Wolff

Zaidy Liberow

Dobrushe DENBURG

Chaya and Dovber Berkowitz

Levi and Sara Loebenstein

Sterna Keselman

Eli and Dabrushy Pink

Naftoli and Nene Schmukler

Lawrence and Mindi Newman

Cheryl Elana and Samuel A. Vincent

Sholom Ber and Muka Pewzner

Mrs. Fraidle and Bentzion Goldshmid

Sharone and Zehavit Bouskila

Dobrushe Haller

Meir and Bar Levy

Laurie Schwartz

Siena and Scott Naaman Cohen

Shneur Korenblit

Sholom Ber and Chani Liberow

Yitzchok and Esty Tsap

Mr. Gary and Marry-Ann Issacson

Marianna Kritsberg

Amira and Shai Ziv

Mr. Dado Ben-David

Mordechai and Esty Groner

Haddasah George

Mrs. Judith and Offer Bouskila

Shanna Edwards

Arthur and Nancy Solomon

Yosef Yitzchak and Chana Kratz

Devorah and Shneur Weingarten

Naftoli and Roch Hildeshaim

Yehuda Geisinsky

Mendel and Doubrusha Greisman

Sheina Weingarten

Mendy and Sarale Goldshmid

Ken Karp

Yaakov Feldman

Yehuda and Sara Miriam Smith

Mendy and Dina Goldshmid

Y. Pay More Roger Abraham

Saadia and Chanie Weingarten

Saadia and Mrs. Nechama Pewzner

Levi Yurkowicz

Nissen and Mira Pewzner

Schneur Notik

Leo Fomin

Leonard Oestreicher

Sylvia Garrett

Daniel Messing

Sharone and Zehavit Bouskila

Darrell Gabbert

Menachem Telsner

Dr. Sheldon Winnick and Susan Alpert

Meir and Bar Levy

Lawrence and Mindi Newman

Sarah Ivy Lubetsky and Brian Lubetsky 


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