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Welcome to the Jewish Book Club. Become part of a weekly meeting where you and others will be able to share your thoughts and Jewish inspiration. 

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Event Info :

Each week will feature two presenters. They will each have up to five minutes to discuss something they found interesting, inspiring or otherwise thought provoking. The following ten minutes will be left for open discussion, followed by the next presenter.

Time and Link:

We will meet every Wednesday beginning 2/3/21

7:30 pm


Zoom ID: 8279174081 

Password: Smile 


Reading Schedule:






Section one: From Despondence to Confidence


Sarah Lubetski & 

Arthur Solomon


Section two: The Power of a Mitzvah


 Ruth Schorr

John Sutton


Section Three: Solidarity with Every Community


 Ken Karp

Sharon Noyer


Section Four: Motivator in Chief




Section Five: Securing the Homeland


Arthur Solomon 

Mashie Goldshmid


Section Six: Wisdom and Vision


 Leo Fomin

Sharon Noyer


Section Seven: Leading by the Hand


 Ken Karp


About the Book :

Available on Amazon 

A few books are available at Chabad for $10 each. (Call 925 420 4999)


Book Title: One By One By JEM

One By One: From the acclaimed weekly Here's My Story Series. Read sixty-six vividly diverse stories of guidance, perspective and encouragement. Experience the essence of the Rebbe’s soul-to-soul leadership. The psychiatrist with a vision for change. The lonely yeshivah student

. The young girl looking for direction. The scientist buried in research work. Each of them was moved by a powerful and timeless encounter with the Rebbe. Read One by One, and join them as they open the door to their personal stories. Be uplifted together with them and enrich your life with the Rebbe’s practical guidance and transformative inspiration.


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