Join our community Shabbat dinner gathering 100 Jews from around the East contra Costa to celebrate Shabbat together. 

All are invited regardless of observance or affiliation. This is a Shabbat Dinner not to be missed.

The program features a spirited Shabbat dinner complete with a gourmet, four-course Shabbat dinner, including homemade challah,  fish, kugel and many other delicious traditional Shabbat foods. Your Jewish taste buds will surely be nurtured! Great Entertainment for the kids making it enjoyable for all ages!


Inspired by the beauty of the sacred mitzvah of observing the holy day of Shabbat, our mission is to give every Jew  regardless of their background or level of observance, an experience where they can celebrate Shabbat dinner in a welcoming environment with family and community.

In the Midrash it says, that at the end of the six days of creation, the only thing the world was missing was "menucha" - "rest",  and as Shabbat came, along came with it the gift of rest.

It is a time we can rest from the mundane and celebrate our beautiful and rich heritage.