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Yahrtzeit (lit., anniversary in the Yiddish language) is the anniversary of the Jewish-calendar date during which someone passed away. Children honor their parents memory and observe their parents Yahrtzeit by lighting a Yahrtzeit candle, reciting the kaddish prayer in the synagogue (with a minyan), giving extra charity, and studying Torah. If one is in proximity to a loved one's resting place, it is customary to go there (besides on Shabbat or holidays) and recite prayers 

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The Torah compares the soul to a flame, this is one of the reasons for the time-honored custom to light a candle on the eve of the yahrzeit and allow it to burn for 24 hours.

We light the candle after sunset on the eve of the yahrtzeit. If the yahrtzeit is on Shabbat, the candle is lit before lighting the Shabbat candles.

There is no official prayer associated with this candle-lighting.


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One of the most sacred customs. To recite the Mourner's Kaddish prayer for the merit of the departed soul.

"Kaddish" is translated as "holy," and its recitation brings holiness to G‑d's name and to all those who respond "Amen" while it is being recited with a minyan. 

Chabad of the Delta conducts services on Shabbat. Be sure to  email the office well in advance, so minyan arrangements can be made. 

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The soul, once it ascends to heaven, can no longer perform any mitzvahs. When we do a mitzvah, especially charity in the merit of the departed soul, we are giving the greatest gift and honor to the departed.

The merit of these good deeds benefits both the departed soul as well as those down here in this world doing the mitzvahs.


Learn a Mishnah


It is a great honor for the departed soul when Torah is studied in its honor. For this reason, it is customary to study sections from the Mishna (codified compilation of Jewish law).

In addition, the word Mishna (study) has the same letters as the Hebrew word Neshama (soul), for the soul acquires merit through those that study Torah for its sake.

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